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Our Team offers you the best Cloud Solutions to become the largest and global enterprises by using the cloud intuitively digital. We help you to easily to derive new insights, build new models and unlock new opportunities with our meaningful customer experiences. Our Cloud services are quite innovative with helping the enterprises to easily enhance a better customer experience, building the future ready capabilities and accelerating the business outcomes. Our expert team helps you to optimize, manage, scale and outsourcing the IT resources for rationalize investments. SAHASAIT Business Cloud Solutions brings you the portfolio of Software and Business Process. Our services would be a game changing business model advantages with providing operational efficiencies for running the business and access the advanced capabilities with complete innovation. Our industry solution is helpful to simplify processes, enable cognitive intelligence and modernize applications.

We’re helping today’s largest, global enterprises become intuitively digital by using the cloud as part of a foundation to derive new insights, unlock new opportunities and build new models for creating richer, more meaningful customer experiences. Cloud Strategy and Consulting Cloud Application Services Cloud Management Services CLOUD SERVICES ACCELERATING BUSINESS THROUGH CLOUD

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With agile competitors and higher rates of change, businesses are becoming digital—by adopting the cloud, they can better align with customers and outmaneuver rivals. The challenges business and IT leaders face can only be solved by a digital business. Every day, customers are becoming more elusive and the opportunities to engage them more fleeting. Businesses must respond faster to changing customer tastes, to changing market conditions and to changing compliance, regulatory and security requirements. New technologies like mobility, social and big data are putting analog business models, built on legacy IT infrastructures, at great risk. Cost pressures are crushing and new market participants are forcing established players to reconstitute their value propositions virtually overnight.
CXO’s are looking at cloud to scale business models to create new products and services, develop new revenue streams, scale quickly to meet the business needs, sharpen customer insights and experiences. With its “As a Service” scalable model, businesses are putting their bets on the cloud to accelerate digital transformation faster, defend against competitors that scale operations easily and launch or abandon services on demand. But when everyone adopts the cloud, cloud adoption alone brings no advantage. It is the cloud strategy, the choice of cloud resources and the design of cloud foundation infrastructure—whether cloud, on-premise or hybrid—that ultimately count.

See how  SAHASAIT   is helping a U.S.-based media, information and services company consolidate data centers for 19 business units across North America and UK. Challenged by the need to identify potential costs savings and performance improvements in data center operations whilst providing the ability to support a business diversification strategy, faster time-to-market and watertight security, ’s recommendations led to a phased approach to cloud-based migration. With 40% of workload migrated to co-location and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) facilities, the data center footprint has been reduced and the company can flex process capacity to keep pace with ever-changing business requirements.

Businesses want a bigger, more sustainable competitive advantage, powered by faster innovation. Cloud plays a critical role in delivering these capabilities. But migrating to the cloud requires precise planning, risk mitigation and cost management.  SAHASAIT   understands these concerns associated with cloud transformation and simplifies the migration process. The  SAHASAIT   Cloud Steps Transformation Framework enables an agile, secure and hassle-free transformation of large IT workloads with minimal intrusion, maximum automation and optimum business outcomes. Four key accelerators power this guided transformation: pre-built solution blueprints and patterns, migration tools and factory models, dashboards and governance framework and integrated change management. In partnership with key customer stakeholders,  SAHASAIT   employs a five-step approach to achieve an end-to-end transition from your existing environment to a business-optimized cloud ecosystem. This includes understanding the business viability, determining a target state and generating a cloud readiness report. To make a clean transition,  SAHASAIT   analyzes all relevant IT workloads to determine what can move to cloud and develops a detailed migration roadmap. Next,  SAHASAIT   prepares the target ecosystem for the workload migration. This critical step includes setting up network, security and governance foundations for the hybrid cloud. We employ automated tools and practices to migrate the workloads onto the target cloud and then validate the migrated state against the target state. Several migration options are available to accommodate multiple constraints.
Finally,  SAHASAIT   moves the workloads into business as usual mode through Cloud360—our Cloud Service Lifecycle Management platform—and completes a seamless handover to cloud operations. The result is an end-to-end solution you can leverage to employ the cloud successfully for sustainable and substantial competitive advantage.
That’s the advantage of  SAHASAIT   Cloud Steps Transformation Framework. By leveraging established best practices and deep industry knowledge, we achieve optimal reproducible outcomes driven by proven tools, dashboards, blueprints and models that accelerate migrations of large, complex workloads to the cloud.